Thieves keep stealing police car wheels

Somebody slowed the police's roll: Thieves keep stealing the wheels off of the patrol cars in Mississippi's capital city.

Jackson police spokesman Sgt. Roderick Holmes tells local news outlets that three police cars were towed Saturday after police discovered their wheels had been stolen.

The cars had been parked behind a police museum in downtown Jackson.

Holmes says police aren't sure when the wheels were taken.

It's the second time thieves have taken wheels from a Jackson patrol car in recent weeks.

A car was left on blocks outside the police training academy in March in west Jackson after thieves stole tires and rims. Holmes says police continue to investigate the thefts.

On Monday, the department shared a photo on Facebook of a suspect who appears to be rolling a wheel from a vehicle at a tire shop. It was unclear if there was a connection to the police cruiser robberies.


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