Thick fog fills cabin of JFK-bound flight

Passengers on Delta Flight 100 from Jacksonville to New York City got a scare when a fog-like mist began filling the plane's cabin as it sat on the tarmac prior to takeoff.

Crew members allegedly failed to explain to passengers of where the fog was coming from, and made a joke about it instead.

The condition lasted about 30 seconds.  One passenger said that crew members poked fun at the situation, calling it a practice for their "Halloween Haunted House."

About 100 passengers were on their way to John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens on Sunday night when the incident took place.

Passenger Amanda Goncalves, who shot video of the cabin, said that the odorless fog confused many passengers.

On her video a flight attendant is heard telling the passengers:   "Not to worry.  It's completely safe."

Delta Airlines says that during humid conditions, it is common for fog to briefly fill the cabin due to condensation.

Despite the incident, the flight made it safely to New York.