Therapy dog used for anti-bullying lesson

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Yahzi is probably one of the cutest cuddliest dogs you'll ever meet. But there's more to Yahzi than just good looks. This handsome little guy is a therapy dog with the good dog foundation. The French bulldog been specially trained to help people emotionally.

Rachel McPherson is Good Dog Foundation's founder and executive director. She and Yahzi visited a 4th grade glass at P.S. 151 in Woodside, Queens.

Yahzi's visit was a thrill for students. The lesson dealt with a serious matter: bullying, a topic many of these 8- and 9-year-olds already know a lot about. The children also learned what a therapy dog does.

Yahzi has visited hundreds of students but he doesn't just visit schools. He has also visited with disaster victims and first responders. It's easy to see Yahzi is great at doing tricks. But it's how therapy dogs like him make people feel that's clearly the best treat of all.