The Snack: Jars by Dani

They're a small treat taking over the New York City snack scene and social media in a big way. Dani Beckerman's creations are called Jars by Dani. They're mason jars layered with delectable cake, fudge brownie, whipped cream and sprinkles in all different colors and flavors.

Dani built her business by accident. She was supposed to be a doctor and graduated premed from college. But when she moved to New York City, she decided to go to culinary school instead.

One day she made the treats for her friends and everyone raved about them. When Dani posted her jars on social media, the likes came pouring in. Before she knew it, she had a business. She began accepting orders online and took the subway to deliver them in person.

Then a big name in the fashion world took notice. The Diane von Furstenberg team reached out to her, and she began catering all of her parties and events. That led to more jobs in the fashion world and the editorial world.

She started in her own kitchen on the Upper West Side. Now Jars by Dani has 30 employees and a pop-up shop on Lafayette Street in SoHo.

She is even making a special order for her wedding this spring. Instead of doing a big wedding cake, she will do a big jar cake.

One of Dani's mottos is "Give jars, make friends." With jars like these, she has made a lot of great friends.