The McRib is back at McDonald's

Hate it or love it, the McRib is back at McDonald’s.

The seasoned boneless pork smothered in sweet, tangy barbeque style sauce with dill pickles and fresh slivered onions will be served up for a limited time. Fans were last able to order the sandwich in December 2016.

If you want to find which location has the beloved sandwich, there is an official “McRib Finder” app for iOS and Android phones. In the app, you can also swap McRib-themed stickers and plan sandwich dates with friends. Or, a McRib can be delivered through UberEATS if you don’t want to leave your home.

Last week, McDonald’s didn’t divulge on why the McRib wasn’t a permanent menu option.

According to an unofficial fan-run McRib Location website, there have been sightings of the McRib in almost every state.