‘The Masked Singer’ season 5 is over: Did Black Swan, Piglet or Chameleon win the Golden Mask?

It was the moment everyone was waiting for: Season 5 of "The Masked Singer" ended on a high note as the final three contestants were unmasked. 

The final battle between the Piglet, the Black Swan and Chameleon turned out to be an all-star trio of serious talent. 

While the Black Swan and Chameleon were contestants to be reckoned with they were no match for the vocal power of the Piglet. 

Rapping legend Wiz Khalifa was discovered to be the Chameleon while singer, songwriter JoJo was unmasked as the Black Swan. 

"Peek-a-boo, it’s meee," JoJo wrote on Twitter after her big reveal. 

"Who thought it was me?" Wiz Khalifa wrote in a post to his Twitter account with a picture of him wearing his iconic costume. 

While the two gave unforgettable performances that lasted them into the final round of this wild card season, The Piglet ended up being crowned the champion. 

Actor, singer and television personality Nick Lachey ended up taking the bacon with the highly coveted Golden Mask.

Lachey, 47, told FOX Television Stations "The Masked Singer" reinforced how much he loves music and performing.

"More personally, I’m proud of myself for overcoming some of the challenges that you encounter on that show. It’s really hard to sing in that costume, and at the beginning, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to get through it, to be honest with you. It was really tough," Lachey revealed. "Coming out of it, I can definitely say it was worth every second."

The father of Camden, Brooklyn and Phoenix, said his children knew instantly that he was the performer behind the mask.

"I was probably about three notes into my first performance, and my daughter goes ‘That’s daddy.’ They knew right away. They recognized my voice right away," Lachey shared.

Recently, his group 98 Degrees announced a new remix playlist "Summer of 98" as part of their 98 Days of Summer campaign, which will kick off on June 11. The band also plans to release a brand new single on July 9 called "Where Do You Wanna Go" accompanied by a music video.

"We’re just excited to be back and do what we love to do again," the singer continued.

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