'The Little Couple' star says despite obstacles, life is worth living

That's one of the messages the show about her family-- all of whom are little-- hopes to make clear.

"There are challenges, but it doesn't mean it's not worth living," said Arnold.

The neo-natologist at Texas Children's Hospital and her husband, Bill, set out to educate and inform the public about little people and not be sensational when they agreed to be filmed for the reality TV show.

"People are curious and they just don't know. We're hoping that people are less surprised and shocked when they see little people," said Arnold.

Now in mid-season seven, 'The Little Couple,' is on a filming break so they can enjoy time with their two children.

A year ago, Arnold was battling cancer which she developed from being pregnant.

"We never thought we could get pregnant. I had a very abnormal pregnancy. It was never destined to be a baby and it lead to the risk of cancer and I was in that 5-10 percent range that develop cancer," said Arnold.

After nearly five months of cancer treatments, Arnold was free of the disease.

"I'm feeling really good," said Arnold.