The 4 germiest places you aren't cleaning

By now you’ve heard that your trusty kitchen sponge is actually the germiest item in your kitchen. But that sponge isn’t the only hidden cesspool for bacteria. These are the four grossest spots in your home, that you definitely missed while cleaning.

1. Kitchen handles, doors, and knobs. You clean the kitchen floor, but probably neglect the surfaces you touch most often. They could have germs from raw meat, unwashed produce, and anything else you’ve touched. Don’t neglect your knobs when cleaning!

2. Your pillow. You wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week. But what about your actual pillow? It’s an excellent breeding ground for allergy-irritating fungi. Plus, your skin, sweat, and (admit it) drool, are very attractive to dust mites. Use an anti-allergen cover on your pillow as protection. 

3. The bathmat. Sure, you scrub your toilet-- but what about the bathmat that’s right underfoot, collecting all the moisture in the room? Launder it once a week (with bleach, if possible) and dry it on the highest setting. Be sure to disinfect the floor before putting it back down. 

4. The remote control. You know, the one gadget at home that everybody touches. We hold it and pass it back and forth and we definitely don’t wash our hands first. So wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe regularly-- especially if someone in the household is sick.

Stay well, and happy cleaning!