Texas high school crowns special needs teens homecoming king and queen

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Photo Via Christy Hutson/Facebook A photo of the pair during the homecoming celebrations

Here's your king and queen 2015 homecoming!!!!!

DRIPPING SPRINGS, TX (WTXF) - Dripping Springs High School is making headlines after their homecoming celebration Friday evening.  

Bailey Kay Hutson, a senior with spina bifida, was crowned homecoming queen, while homecoming king was awarded to Brandon Neffendorf, a teen with cerebral palsy.

The pair happily posed for photos on their high school’s football field, while their classmates celebrated with them.

“What an honor just to be nominated,” said Jenifer Neffendorf, Brandon’s mother. “And now to win, what an honor.”

According to People Magazine, Bailey’s homecoming campaign was organized by her best friend Chloe Holmes.

Holmes nominated Bailey as a way to cheer her up during one of her recent hospitalizations.

Bailey’s mother, Christy Hutson, said that when her daughter was born doctor’s said she wouldn’t make it past birth.  

“She's had 50 surgeries," Christy said. “Lots and lots of hospitalizations.”

But Bailey has big dreams. She recently started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to raise money to build a center for special needs children.

“I want to build a facility for kids like me to get out of the hospital and take their mind off their daily struggles,” said the inspiring 17-year-old.

Amidst the celebrations Bailey has stayed incredibly humble, saying that all in all, it’s not about winning.