Terminally ill Acworth couple reunited in tearful Facebook video

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Credit: Jason Stros/Facebook

A Facebook video of an Acworth couple weeping in each other’s arms is equally heartwarming and emotionally crushing.

Jerry and Susan Stros have been married for 51 years and have four beautiful children together. In mid-February, Susan was diagnosed with Stage 4 small cell carcinoma, a rare form of cancer, in her lungs, liver, lymph nodes and chest cavities. Given her grim diagnosis, her family rallied around her. Then, tragedy struck—again.

A week later, while at her hospital bedside, Jerry suffered a broken back during a seizure-induced fall. Hospital tests later revealed that he had the same type of cancer in his brain and lung. The news came a day before Susan was scheduled to be released to in-home hospice care.

“In less than a week, we were supposed to be in Florida," said the couple's son, Jason. "Now, they’re both fighting for their lives.”

At such a difficult time for the family, doctors planned a surprise visit.

“No one knew. They rolled him by her room…she’s leaving and he’s stuck in here without her…they didn’t know if he was going to make it so they allowed them to say their goodbyes because we didn’t know if they’re ever going to see each other again,” said Jason.

Turns out, they would. On March 4, the couple reunited at their home, and the emotional moment was shared on Facebook.

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The video shows Susan taking small steps toward her husband, who is sitting on a coach. Once she sits down, they embrace and burst into tears as family and hospital staff looked on.

“Every day has been like a fight…round one, we beat it. Round two, we’re not going down yet. It helps me get through the day,” said Jason.

Both Susan and Jerry have now returned home, where she remains under hospice supervision and he receives out-patient care.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the couple’s medical expenses.

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