Tension flare in New Rochelle after attacks on students

Parents and other community members in New Rochelle, New York, packed the high school auditorium in the wake of three violent attacks in and near the school in eight days.

A student stabbed another to death at a Dunkin' Donuts on January 10, police said.

Several students attacked a 15-year-old student at a pizzeria on January 17.

And then a 15-year-old student stabbed and wounded another student in class on January 18.

Some people blasted the school superintendent for not enforcing a policy that prohibits students from leaving the school during school hours.

The teen who allegedly stabbed a student in class remains at large. And there are reports he has a violent past.

Parents are calling for more mental health support for students in need. New Rochelle High School is racially diverse, which this school and community take great pride in. But some said racial issues among the students need to be addressed.