Teen says school won't let him wear Malcolm X sweater

On the anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X, demonstrators gathered outside the Christ the King High School in the Middle Village section of Queens. They demanded the principal allow student Malcolm Xavier Combs to be able to put the letters "Malcolm X" on his school sweater.

Combs says that last he was pulled out of English class and told to go to the principal's office. He says the principal told him he could not use the name because he shouldn't be associated with it.

He and his family reported the incident to the National Action Network, which joined them at a rally to protest what they call is the school administrator's ignorance of history.

Combs says he wants to know why he can't have Malcolm X's name on his sweater when it is not only his name but the school also teaches about the civil rights figure?

Public Advocate Letitia James says the school owes Combs an apology.

The school's principal did not respond to Fox 5's request for a comment. But earlier this month, the school said in a statement that the incident has been misconstrued and that officials have repeatedly tried to meet with Combs and his family.