Teen entrepreneur grows nanny network

A typical day for Noa Mintz includes a meeting with her CEO, juggling phone calls with clients, and of course finishing her school work.

Noa, 17, is practically a seasoned businesswoman. When she was only 12, she started her own business called Nannies by Noa. While giving us a tour of her Midtown office, Noa explained why her nanny placement agency is different from the rest.

"Finding the right nanny for your family is not an algorithm. It's your child, your prized possession," she said. "There is personality. It's not just 'I have 10 years of experience,' 'we're looking for 10 years of experience,' boom, perfect match. It's not that at all."

As the eldest of 4, Noa said the idea for her company came to her naturally. When Noa first started, her network of nannies was a couple of dozen. Now it is well over a thousand. Her clients are from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Joanne Barrow has been Noa's CEO for two years. She said Noa is great to work with and they meet on a regular basis to come up with ideas.

Noa said she can't disclose financials but her company is poised to make millions. Her success is due to hard work and her "heart and ears," she said.

This entrepreneur said anyone who has dreams that are out of the ordinary should remember these two words of advice: fail forward. She learned that from her middle school principal and it is now her motto.