Teen chef's tasting menu sold out for months

While most 16-year-olds are heading back to high school this week, one very talented teen has a lot more on his plate (so to speak). Flynn McGarry is a talented chef who is opening his own restaurant in Manhattan. He prepared his first dish at the age of 10. After wowing Los Angeles foodies with lavish eight course dinner parties since he was 11, Flynn is taking on his toughest competition yet. This weekend McGarry will open his first New York City restaurant. And he's not even old enough to open a bottle of wine.

The California cook specializes in fine dining, meticulously painting each plate with luxury ingredients like caviar and foie gras. Flynn's elaborate dinner parties landed him the cover of New York Times Magazine last year, paving the way for a splashy introduction to our city's crowded food scene.

Carla Ruben, a family friend and president of top catering company Creative Edge, is playing host to the prodigy at her West Village dining space.

Flynn lacks an appetite for traditional schooling. He told me he is past the point of formal culinary training. Although he has trained internationally under world class chefs, Flynn has attracted his share of heat from seasoned industry veterans.

Through success and critique, Flynn keeps his head down, laser focused on the course ahead.

You can try Flynn's 14-course vegetable-based tasting menu at $160 a head at Creative Edge. It's sold out through October.