Teen born without lower jaw overcomes obstacles, creates rap music

Valley 17-year-old, Isaiah Acosta, was born without a lower jaw, among other medical complications.

His condition left him mute and with a tracheal tube he has to wear for use for the rest of his life.

The doctors told his mother many things: that he wouldn't walk or even be able to survive his medical issues.

Rather than succumbing to the setbacks and simply "giving up" at life, Acosta decided to make his voice heard through other means.

Passionate about hip hop and rap music, the high school junior developed his own style and lyrics to various rap songs. His only problem? How do you rap without a voice?

Phoenix hip hop artist and activist, Trap House, was approached by a worker with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals about taking one of Acosta's songs and putting it to life.

With the teen's lyrics and desired flow, Trap House was able to produce and perform the song and make "Oxygen for Life" a reality.

Isaiah Acosta, Trap House, and Lady La, a family friend, met with Fox 10's Troy Hayden and Andrea Robinson to tell his story, and perform his song live.

Acosta and Trap House urge listeners to download their song off iTunes and Spotify, and that all donations go directly to Phoenix Children's Hospital, where Isaiah is a patient and an ambassador.

If you'd like more information on the song and Isaiah's story, check out Oxygen to Fly.