Teen born in wake of 9/11 joins Navy on anniversary

(Photo courtesy Tiffany Smith)

Sept. 11, 2001 has always been part of Tierney Crutcher's life story. It was the day her mother went into labor with her.

And Sept. 11 was a life-changing day for Crutcher again this year: She was sworn in as a Navy seaman recruit at a Tennessee recruiting station Wednesday, two days shy of turning 18.

The Memphis high school graduate and accomplished bowler grew up in an America at war.

She says as a kid, she thought the military was only the Army and shooting people. A military career became appealing as she learned more about the different branches and choices.

Crutcher says she's excited to meet new people, travel "and just get a different experience in life."

She's headed to boot camp, then sonar technician training.

Crutcher has a history of service in her family.

Her mother, Tiffany Smith, told FOX 5 News that her grandfather was in the Army and her great grandfather served in the Navy.

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