Tasting dishes at New York magazine's Cheap Eats restaurants

When you crave great food at a great price you crave cheap eats. Luckily, New York magazine has done all the legwork for you and published its findings in its annual issue on the best places to grab an inexpensive nosh. So what exactly is cheap? Any dish for $25 or less.

I caught up with Grub Street writer Nikita Richardson at Davelle, a tiny restaurant on the Lower East Side that is easy to miss but hard to forget. Lots of low-priced items are on the menu just don't go looking for a spicy tuna roll. It features Japanese curry.

Also on the list is Tamra Tea House in Crown Heights. Its turmeric lemonade with CBD oil is a big hit.

The signature dish at German's Soup in East Flatbush is Cow Heel Soup, a bestseller.

Sandwiches rule at Byggyz on Clinton Street. But don't think ordinary—think extraordinary. Nothing is more than the signature Bygyyz Beef, features brisket braised in pomegranate juice. But the unique ingredients in the Karattom make it award-winning: peanut butter, organic carrots, and fontina cheese.

The moral of this story is that pricey doesn't always equal flavor and frugal can be fabulous and fulfilling.