SUV's accelerator sticks at speeds up to 100 mph

Florida state troopers managed to stop an SUV with a stuck accelerator after it traveled about 50 miles on Interstate 95 at speeds up to 100 mph.

A Florida Highway Patrol report says 28-year-old Joseph Cooper called 911 Monday afternoon from south of Port St. Lucie, saying he was heading north and couldn't slow down in his BMW X-5.

The 911 operator told Cooper to put the vehicle in neutral, but he said he couldn't. He said he didn't want to use the emergency brake at the speed he was traveling.

State troopers and local police drove alongside the SUV to clear traffic. Deploying stop sticks three times, they finally brought the SUV to a stop west of Vero Beach by doing a pit maneuver.

Cooper was taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of chest pains.  His vehicle was towed away.  There are no recalls on his car related to the accelerator.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.