Suspect in killing leads NYPD on wild chase

A man wanted in the slaying of a Long Island woman led police on a chase that ended in a fiery crash in Brooklyn, said police.

Officers found the dead woman early Friday inside a home in Bethpage in Nassau County. Her name wasn't immediately known.

The suspect's 16-year-old daughter was also stabbed, according to police. Her brother called 911 and was not injured.

Authorities say a police chase then ended with the suspect crashing into a gas station booth in East New York. The vehicle then burst into flames.

Several police officers were hospitalized, including at least one for smoke inhalation and another for a wrist injury.

Police say the suspect has been hospitalized with at least one self-inflicted stab wound. The suspect's name wasn't immediately known. He was undergoing surgery following the crash.

Police say the suspect was the only person in the car.

The distance between Bethpage and East New York is approximately 27.5 miles.

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