Suspect drives off with cop in car loaded with heroin

A police officer in Westchester County was lucky to have sustained only minor injuries after the suspect he was attempting to arrest sped off with the officer leaning into the car.

The incident occurred on the Hutchinson River Parkway at about 11:30 a.m. on Monday.

Nine-thousand glassine envelopes of heroin were later discovered in the car, according to police.

The officer was able to climb inside the vehicle to avoid being dragged by the Honda Accord that reached 60 mph.

The driver's front door remained opened as the driver swerved across both lanes and on to the shoulder after accelerating, then breaking hard.

The struggle continued for three-quarters of a mile.

The suspect was boxed in by a county patrol car as the driver attempted to take off again, said police.

The officer suffered an injury to his hands and arm.

“The actions of this driver put our officer in grave danger,” said Cmsr. Thomas A. Gleason. “It is fortunate that he was not seriously injured or killed.”

Police had not released the suspect's identity. He was to be arraigned on Tuesday in New Rochelle City Court.