Survivors recall heart-pounding moments amidst gunfire at music festival

Terrifying and tense moments for Inbar Rozensvaig and the thousands who saw their lives literally flash before their eyes.

"In the second I saw gunshots I go out from the car and start to run, run for our lives," she said. 

The 25-year-old considers herself one of the lucky ones who ran as soon as gunshots rang out at the music festival.

Nir and Shay Arad’s little brother Ori was working as a bartender at the festival. His brothers shared a picture of him taken just hours before he was viciously murdered by Hamas terrorists.


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"They came to celebrate life, they came to dance and came to have fun," Shay said. "He’s the most beautiful person, he is charming, he has a huge heart, and doesn’t deserve what happened here."

Ori’s death will not be in vain. His brothers tell Fox 5 he miraculously saved two young women who were hiding in his car.

"The moment that they said angel, curly hair and gray jeep we knew it was our brother," Shay said. "On the one hand, I’m super proud but on the other hand, if he wasn’t a hero he’d be here with us."

And as the days go by, Ohad Harel grows even more desperate to find his sister-in-law Sharona. She was among the concertgoers in the desert celebrating her 40th birthday.

"I’m hiding. We went to look for details, to go between hospitals, people who saw, knew her or remembered anything and then we realized she was kidnapped." he said.

Despite the deep pain everyone has endured, they continue to pray for peace and the safe return of the victims held hostage.