Survey: Lunch breaks make employees better, improves morale

A recent survey by the workplace hygiene brand Tork found that workers value their lunch breaks and feel more engaged and productive when they have that break time each day.

“You need to rest your body and mind,” say Julie Melillo, a life and business coach. “Same way when you go to the gym and are working out your muscles. You have to rest your mind, it’s a muscle too so you can be more productive and efficient.”

Making sure employees can take their lunch breaks has long-term benefits for employers as well.

“Just giving that one-hour break, your employee is going to be happier, they’re going to be more productive and be able to get more done throughout the day,” Melillo said.

According to the survey, workers who take a lunch break every day have greater job satisfaction, are likely to continue working for the same company and are likely to recommend their employer to others.

“You need to maintain your automobile, you need to maintain your employees,” Melillo said. “If you don’t give them what they need, they’re going to break down and that’s going to be a lot more expensive.”