Super Saturday draws last minute shoppers with great deals

With the holidays approaching, many people hit the malls for those last minute gifts.

There's still time to take advantage of some of the year's best deals.

The busiest shopping day of the year won't be Black Friday or Cyber Monday – it is Super Saturday. Across the country, 2/3rds of Americans shopped the weekend before Christmas. That's more than 155million people.

It was no surprise to see malls like Newport Center in Jersey City busy during the weekend -- the final full Saturday of shopping before the big day since stores will close early on Christmas Eve.

"I've definitely noticed a lot more sales than usual,” said one shopper.

While they're open, many retailers offered deep discounts and tried to stay ahead of the expanding online market.

"I’m trying to get everything done today. There's no time,” said shopper Judy Murphy.

"I knew what I had to buy. I had a list, so I just came and about stuff to get it over with,”

Chris Lutima had a plan and a budget during his Super Saturday shopping, “Especially with this economy, you have to actually stick to your plan. I couldn't get over the budget.”

Filling out the list- no need to check it twice.