Summer movies not living up to expectations so far

Memorial Day weekend has historically seen major box office debuts, but this year, many in Hollywood are disappointed by the numbers rolling in.

Despite George Clooney putting his promotional muscle behind it, Tomorrowland's ticket sales fell short of expectations. While the film did come in at #1, it only brought in an estimated four day total of $41.7 million, significantly less than the projected $50 million total Hollywood was hoping for, especially given its $170 million price tag.

Coming in at a close second this weekend was Pitch Perfect 2 bringing in $38.5 million, an especially impressive number considering that this was the movie's second weekend in theaters.

Taking third place, Mad Max: Fury Road, which was also released last weekend, racking up $32.1 million in ticket sales.

And, if none of these do the trick, there are many films to look forward to this summer, including San Andreas, Entourage, Spy, Jurassic World, and many more to suit every taste.

To put the box office numbers into perspective, 2007's Pirates of the Caribbean had the biggest Memorial Weekend box office debut, earning almost $140 million in the U.S. and Canada. But with so many blockbuster films rolling out in the coming months, this summer could still be the perfect time to go to the movies.