Suffolk lawmaker accused of offering drugs in exchange for sex

Dr. William Spencer was back in court on Monday. The Suffolk County legislator, who served on a drug advisory panel for the county, was arrested last year and accused of swapping drugs for sexual favors.

A nine-count indictment including seven felonies stemming from the original charge was unsealed on Monday. 

"We entered a plea of not guilty — nothing in the indictment was a surprise to us," said attorney Anthony LaPinta, who is representing Spencer. 

The new counts include tampering with public records and making an apparently sworn false statement are now stacked against Spencer.

Court documents show he filed a police report prior to his arrest claiming to be the target of an extortion effort by an individual posing as a pimp and then allegedly lied when he said he had not sought the services of prostitutes or call-girls.

His attorney did the talking at the courthouse, insisting there are two sides to every story.

"Up to now there's only been one side of the story that's been revealed and there's a lot to say about the other side," LaPinta said.

Investigators were originally tipped off to Spencer's alleged transactions during a separate case. Last October, he was arrested after he agreed to meet a woman behind a Goodwill store in East Northport. He was found with two oxycodone pills, condoms, and a loaded gun, which he had a permit for.

"He's a gentleman of the highest degree," LaPinta said. "He is an accomplished doctor and someone who cares for people well beyond a normal person."

Spencer is still an active legislator until his term finishes at the end of this year. However, he did voluntarily agree not to practice medicine pending the outcome of the investigation.

Spencer faces up to nine years in prison if convicted. He is due back in court next month.

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