Suffolk County drug, weapons trafficking bust nets 21 arrests

Firearms and fentanyl were recovered during a 16-month-long drugs and weapons investigation in Suffolk County.

"Law enforcement was able to recover through the course of the investigation approximately 268 grams of fentanyl which could kill 134,000 people," said District Attorney Raymond Tierney.  

According to Tierney, many defendants are members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang and have been charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute drugs and weapons. 

Tierney blamed bail reform laws, arguing that defendants know they won’t be held accountable for their actions.  

"Out of the 21 individuals arrested we only got to seek bail on 11 of the 21," he said.

According to the Suffolk District Attorney’s office, 92 percent of reported opioid-related fatal overdoses in the county involve fentanyl. Drug experts call it a crisis and say more needs to be done. 

"It’s like whack-a-mole and every time you take a dealer out, another one pops up and if we’re going to get to the heart of the problem, it’s a multi-pronged approach that has to include reducing the demand of these types of drugs," said Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds with Family and Children’s Association. 

Street-level dealers and wholesalers were among those arrested. Police say they found a retrofitted trap door to store drugs in a home, as well as under a car seat, and mixers used for narcotics and even Narcan to reverse potential overdoses. 

"If you deal dangerous and illegal drugs in Suffolk and illegally use firearms be advised we’re coming for you and you’ll be held responsible," Tierney said. 

Just last week Nassau County recovered 3 kilos of fentanyl. According to officials, that is enough to kill over 2 million people.