Subway construction to displace Brooklyn residents

Some people in Bushwick, Brooklyn, are being forced to temporarily move out of their homes while the MTA does construction work on the M line. But many still aren't clear about exactly where they're supposed to go.

Gregory Hernandez has been on this block of Ditmars Street for 50 years. He has lived in in his home since 1996. The future is uncertain. It has been more than a month since Hernandez and dozens of others in a part of Bushwick started hearing about the MTA's plan to reconstruct sections of the M train line.

To do it the MTA needs folks in 26 apartments and two businesses to move out or close for 6 to 8 months -- maybe longer.

The concern isn't about the construction. The communication has become a concern. Ron Harris lives at 1158 Myrtle. He said he hasn't talked to anyone.

In an email to Fox 5 the MTA said in part: "We have spoken to all of the homeowners and have been in contact with approximately 70-80% of the tenants that will be affected. We will meet with everyone and tailor plans to the specific needs and circumstances of each..."

Hernandez told me a group of them met above a local business. Nobody was happy. One of the woman said she was looking into an attorney for the group.