Style trends at the International Beauty Show

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It was a glam-fest at the Jacob Javits Center Monday where the International Beauty Show is taking place. Thousands of beauty industry professionals were here to improve their skills.

"This is where the professionals get taught. Come, touch, and feel and get experience and network with their craft," said Dana Lupton, executive VP of International Beauty Show. "And then they bring it back to their salon, and the consumer... ultimately benefits from all of that."

There are many new trends to keep an eye on. Makeup is now being combined with skin care ingredients, according to Eve Pearl.

"The trend now is to have beautiful flawless skin, but also have it being treated and taken care of," said Pearl, creator of Eve Pearl Makeup.

This is wonderfully done with the new trend of reverse contouring where a mix of light and dark color are blended together.

"The final goal is to give a lift to your face and give you dimension, so you're not bland," Pearl said.

Add sparkle to your look with Glitter Lips. The lip paint will stay on for up to 10 hours, according Sunny Sahota. You can eat and drink with them, and maybe even kiss.

"It might feel a little horrible for the other person, but for you it's fine," said Sahota of Glitter Lips

Hair was big at the show, whether you had long hair, short hair, or no hair. Celebrity hair dresser Ted Gibson said that a longer bob, also known as a "lob," is the new hairstyle.

"It's a long bob, essentially is what it is," Gibson said. "What's great about it is because you can add texture to it, you can keep it straight, you can change the color. But I think what's happening in fashion right now is that bob."

There is a hot new trend of hair art racing through barber shops. Color is now etched into hair patterns creating a unique look.

"For a fun event, if you're going out to a club -- you go to a department store and get your makeup done, well now you go to a barber shop and get your hair art done," said Linda Eisner, Graff Etch creator. It's a creamy temporary color that washes out. Good news for those who can't commit to one color.