Stuffed mini-bagel balls make it big

We all remember when the Cronut took off, combining a doughnut with a croissant. Well, a Brooklyn couple has ventured into some uncharted territory with a new innovation, redefining the holy grail of New York baked goods: the bagel.

For husband and wife Nick and Elyse Oleksak it all started in their sleep. Nick says he dreamed up the concept. And Bantam Bagels was born with the duo quitting their Wall Street jobs to sell an array of bagel balls filled with a variety of artisanal cream cheeses at a Bleecker Street store.

From the everything bagel with veggie cream cheese to the French toast bagel with maple cream cheese and everything in between.

After selling their product nationwide through QVC, it was their appearance on "Shark Tank" that really took it all to the next level.

And it's gone up and up from there. The company announced that the bagel balls are now available in Starbucks stores nationwide.

Bantam Bagels continues to expand with a range of frozen bagel balls in grocery freezers. If you'd like to try these delicious bagel balls, you can visit the store at 283 Bleecker Street, Starbucks stores around the country, or