Study: Smelling a lover’s shirt may improve sleep

Do you want to sleep well this Valentine’s Day? Try cuddling up with your significant other’s shirt. 

Researchers found that a loved one’s natural scent nearby may be as effective a sleep aid as melatonin. 

"One of the most surprising findings is how a romantic partner's scent can improve sleep quality even outside of our conscious awareness," said study senior author Frances Chen, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

For the study, 155 people were given two T-shirts to use as pillowcases, one that had been worn by their lover; the other that was clean or had been worn by a stranger.

While the participants' partners were wearing the shirts, they were told not to use deodorant or scents or do anything that might affect their body odor, such as smoking, exercising and eating certain foods. The T-shirts were frozen to preserve their scent.

Participants spent two nights in a row sleeping with each shirt. They weren't told which shirt was which, but they reported feeling more well-rested after using the T-shirt with their lover's scent. 

"Our findings provide new evidence that merely sleeping with a partner's scent improves sleep efficiency. Our participants had an average sleep efficiency improvement of more than 2 percent," said lead author Marlise Hofer, a doctoral candidate in social psychology at UBC. "We saw an effect similar in size to what has been reported from taking oral melatonin supplements -- often used as a sleep aid."

Researchers are also recruiting volunteers for another study to find out whether parents' scent improves slumber for babies.


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