Study: Sharing taxis would reduce NYC congestion

New York City taxicabs drive a new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT researchers found that if New York City cab riders carpooled the number of taxis on the streets would be able to be reduced from the 14,000 taxis to just 3,000.

Researchers say such a move would potentially reduce congestion and pollution in the city. The research findings are a hypothetical going on the assumption all New York City cab riders would be willing to share a ride with strangers.

A spokesman for the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission said in statement in part "if this study inspires more shared rides, that's a great thing."

But taxis are already facing stiff competition from companies like Uber, Via and Lyft and they are unlikely to see the benefits of research that supports reducing the number of taxis on New York City streets.