STUDY: L.A. ranks #1 among cities that feel the most #RoadRage

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Los Angeles has already won the award for having six of the top ten worst traffic bottlenecks! Now adding to the list is...road rage.

Auto Insurance Center conducted the study by examining about 65,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #RoadRage.

The study examined the 5,183 posts that were geotagged and found L.A. had the most posts using the hashtag, followed by New York City.  California also ranks second for #RoadRage posts.

According to Auto Insurance Center, 'Based on the average number of #RoadRage posts, August is the worst month for furious drivers. The summer months tend to see an increased number of cars on the road, as teens are out of school and families head out of town for vacation.July claims second place, while October and March vie for third.'

Road rage is all the rage in big cities: #1 Los Angeles, # 2 New York City, Mount Pleasant, NC, came in third, followed by Chicago and # 5 being San Diego, CA.

The center found a high correlation between #RoadRage posts and posts containing other words, including: “stuck,” “work,” “trafficjam,” “rushhour,” and adjectives such as, “terrible” to “crazy,” “worst” to “angry” along with a variety of profanities.

According to the center, How can you subside feelings of anger on the road?

'Allow for extra time in case you run into delays, adjust your schedule to avoid driving through the worst traffic, and listen to music while you drive. If you start to feel angry, it’s vital to relax, breathe deeply, and consider taking a break to stretch your legs or sip some water.'

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