Students repair guitars to be donated to needy kids

This is not your ordinary after-school art club. Fifth and sixth graders at Pulaski Street Elementary School are working with screws and strings to repair guitars for students in need.

Art teacher Bob Fallot says the instruments are referred to as "guitarbage." They're essentially rendered useless if they get damaged in transit. Fallot bids on them online for a price that's hard to beat. And then restoration begins.

"Most of the guitars are so broken the opening bid is a penny. No one else bids on them," he said. "I just sit there like a crow on a power line and I get them."

The club never knows what kinds of guitars are coming in and where they will go once they leave. One of their greatest discoveries was removing six coats of paint on a guitar that turned out to be a genuine 1970 Fender.

The club works with nonprofit organizations, including Hungry for Music, to give instruments to kids in need around the world. Since the beginning of the school year, they've donated over a dozen guitars. 

They're giving the gift of music, which lasts a lifetime.