Student battling cancer gets wish to meet Kendra Scott granted

A high school student battling cancer got one of her wishes granted recently when she got to meet Austin-based jewelry designer Kendra Scott. 

Allie Allen got a big surprise welcome when she arrived at Kendra Scott's headquarters. Even before meeting for the first time, the two have been big fans of one another for some time.

"I have my own jewelry stand of Kendra Scott," Allie says.

Kendra says, "Once I heard the story I was like, "Get her to Austin now!" I couldn't get her here quick enough."

It's a difficult but inspiring story. 18-year-old Allie is a dancer and senior in high school and she is fighting brain cancer.

"2013 I was diagnosed with ependymoma brain cancer and I had a brain surgery and 33 rounds of radiation. And then two years I got rediagnosed with another one except this one is something they discovered is not an epyndamoma and a brand new type of cancer St. Jude discovered," Allie says.

Allie has been through more than any young person should have to experience. Last year, Allie's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and the two fought together.

Through it all, Allie has remained positive and focused on bringing joy to fellow patients at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. That includes hosting fundraisers at the Kendra Scott store in Memphis.

Aliie says, "The little girls love to have events there because of all the colors. It's awesome. It helps the girls be girlie but at the same getting money for St. Jude."

Kendra has supported St. Jude and other children's hospitals around the country and she knew she wanted to help grant on of Allie's wishes to get her to Austin and see the headquarters of her global brand.

"When I started this company, giving back and making a difference in our community was what success would be for me and so all of the growth and things we've gone through are amazing for our company, but when we can touch people in a powerful way, that for me is why I do what I do," Kendra says.

Allie is set to go to college in the fall and after that she says she knows where she'd like to work one day.

"Somehow I want to end up back at St. Jude weather I'm a doctor or nurse or child life specialist, I want to give back," Allie says.

For now, Allie says she's just enjoying the special moments and Kendra says she is happy she could be a part of one of them.

"We've got all these people who support her and together anything is possible. Love can do a lot so I think the message here today is love a lot and dream big," Kendra says.

A few years ago, Kendra started her Kendra Cares program which brings her popular color bar into children's hospitals and soon she'll be rolling that out to 10 hospitals around the country.

St. Jude treats children with cancer at zero cost to families. To donate or to learn more information you can go here.