Street conditions improving in Queens

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Three days after one of the worst blizzards in New York City history dumped almost 30 inches of snow in Queens and some streets are still a mess. All across this borough, people entombed in their streets hope that putting some heat on Mayor Bill de Blasio will take the snow away. On Twitter if you search the hashtag #PlowQueens you'll find all kinds of pictures and stories from people who say they haven't seen a plow in days.

The sanitation commissioner told Fox 5 that 99 percent of all streets have been plowed at least once, but residents are still finding it a challenge getting around. Some residential side streets in Middle Village on Tuesday had high snowbanks from the plows and passable streets -- a much better situation than Monday when it was almost impossible for residents to get out.

The sanitation commissioner said the department plans to have 36 melting operations set up in all five boroughs and that sanitation workers will continue their grueling schedule of 12 hours on and 12 hours off through Sunday.

At a news conference earlier in the week, the mayor said he shares people's anger. That the Sanitation Department sent more than 900 trucks to Queens to dig out, but it's not that easy.

< p>On Monday, Harry Nespoli, the president of the Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association, blamed the problem on private plow companies.