Stony Brook University Hospital launches DoorDash style app

A DoorDash-style app for patients to order their meals is now being used at Stony Brook University Hospital.

With a tap of an icon, a patient or their family member can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The custom meals can be chosen up to two days in advance with an option to pick a delivery time.

The app has come as a pleasant surprise for Antonio Cruz who has spent the past month in the hospital.

"It’s great to use the app because your doctors are keeping eyes on the menus," Cruz said.

The app is believed to be the first of its kind offered to hospital patients on Long Island, and caters to individual restrictions and allergies while offering filters based on diet.

The app won’t replace the original services. 

Patients who choose not to use the app can still order through the call center or with a dining employee.

More than 1,500 meals a day are fulfilled. 

The hospital expects to see a decrease in the wait time for delivery and in the amount of food wasted.