Stolen dog reunited with couple, alleged dognapper arrested

Max and Sophie Troper were afraid they'd never see their mixed-breed rescue dog Benny ever again, but thankfully, their little family is whole again.

Benny went missing on Thursday and the suspect, 22-year-old Christian Madriaga, is alleged to have entered the couple's apartment and walked out with the dog.

Madriaga was an employee of Wag, a dog-walking app that acts similarly to Uber. The app allows dog owners to give dog walkers access to their home via a key in a lockbox, in order to walk their dogs.

"Really just think twice before you put your trust in a company who says they're going to be doing their background checks and their due diligence, ultimately you need to probably take a little closer look at what they're really selling you," said Max Troper. 

A spokesperson for Wag told FOX 5 NY that this was an unfortunate incident and that all of its employees go through background checks. The company also said it hired a private investigator and worked with the NYPD from the start.