Stolen big rig leads police on chase

A police chase that started in Seagoville involving a stolen big rig ended with an arrest in front of a supermarket in Old East Dallas.

SKY 4 flew overhead Monday afternoon as police surrounded and took down the driver right at the entrance to a Sprouts supermarket. Customers inside the store started running for cover.

Guns were drawn and pointed at the stolen 18-wheeler as it made its stop in the supermarket parking lot. Officers tackled the man to the ground after he came out of the truck.

Police say the chase started around 5:45 p.m. when the suspect stole the big rig from a gas station while its driver was pumping gas on East Malloy Bridge Road in Seagoville.

"Our officers responded to the area. They were able to locate the truck,” explained Seagoville Police Captain Steve Davis. “It appears that the suspect had dumped the trailer."

Seagoville officers tried to stop him, but he continued driving up 175 going about 70 miles an hour. He eventually went north on the Central Expressway. Dallas County deputies put out stop sticks, which deflated his right front tire.

Shoppers at the Sprouts got caught in the middle of the takedown. Some of them hid for safety.

"Everyone just stopped what they were doing,” said shopper Melissa Del Castillo. “You heard all these sirens, and no one knew what was going on. I thought someone was inside."

Police say the suspect is from Terrell, but his name has not been released. We don't know what charges he could face.

Police say the incident serves as an unfortunate reminder to never leave vehicles running or unattended while pumping gas.