Staten Island's St. Patrick's Day Parade leaves out LGBTQ+ groups

Controversy surrounded Staten Island's St. Patrick's Day Parade again this year after organizers refused to let LGBTQ+ members participate. 

"I’m gay ! I’m Irish and catholic! I’m proud to be here in solidarity. Prejudice is wrong, and is not Irish!" one LGBTQ+ member said. 

For years, the Staten Island Pride Center said the St Patrick’s Day parade organizer has refused to let them march under their own banner. The parade committee rules say they don’t let any sexual identification or political agendas to be promoted.

"We just want people to know we’re here," said Mary Carr, a parade goer. 

Instead, the pride center held a "rainbow run" through the borough just before the parade began. 

Mayor Eric Adams attended the rainbow run, but his office told us in a statement "The mayor will not participate in the parade as long as those discriminatory practices continue."