State Police corporal injured in shootout identified, suspect arraigned

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Corporal Seth Kelly (L), a 13-year-veteran of the force, has been identified as the Pennsylvania State Trooper injured in a shootout with suspect Daniel Clary (R),  in Northampton County. 

Pennsylvania State Police identified the corporal who was shot during a traffic stop on Tuesday, along with the other trooper involved, and the suspect accused of opening fire on the suspects.

Corporal Seth Kelly, 39, was identified as the trooper who was shot multiple times during a gunfight with an armed suspect who was originally pulled over for a speeding violation.

22-year-old Daniel Clary has been identified by officials as the suspect who opened fire on Corporal Kelly and Trooper Ryan Seiple.

Authorities say the incident began as a traffic stop after Trooper Seiple observed Clary speeding on Rt. 33 in Plainfield Township.

The traffic stop was routine until Trooper Seiple went to leave the traffic stop and was flagged down by Clary who wanted to ask questions about payment of the traffic citation. Trooper Seiple ordered Clary back into his car for his own safety and continued conversing with Clary.

During their discussion, Trooper Seiple began to suspect Clary was under the influence of marijuana, and told Clary he was no longer free to leave, and called for backup.

Trooper Kelly, a 13-year-veteran, then arrived on the scene as backup, and conducted a sobriety test, which he failed. When the officers attempted to place Clary under arrest he began resisting and wrestling with the officers.

"The troopers were in a knock-down, drag-out fight along the side of the road with vehicles speeding by them, and it got very, very violent," said  State Police Capt. Richard D'Ambrosio, who viewed a video of the altercation.

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Authorities say the officers deployed tasers on Clary, originally knocking him down, but they became ineffective, enabling him to get up and run around the front of his car to retrieve a pistol from the driver’s side window.

That’s when investigators say Clary opened fire on the officers from over the roof of the car, striking Corporal Kelly at least twice, in both the leg and upper body, as he stood on the passenger side of the vehicle. Trooper Seiple was standing at the rear of the vehicle and was not struck by gunfire but was injured in the scuffle.

The troopers returned fire, striking Clary, who got back into his car and drove himself to Easton Hospital.  Authorities received a call from the hospital that a wounded Clary had showed up to the emergency room, and police responded to the scene to take Clary into custody.

While laying on the ground wounded, Kelly managed to retrieve a tourniquet from his belt and apply it to one of his own wounds before EMS arrived on scene. Kelly was ultimately taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where he was taken into surgery in critical condition and rushed into emergency surgery.

Kelly is scheduled to have another surgery later Wednesday, or Thursday morning, and is listed in critical but stable condition.

Clary was scheduled to be arraigned on multiple charges, including attempted murder, on Wednesday morning.

The State police and the Northampton County District Attorney are handling the investigation.