Stars of Metal Lords had to learn to play heavy metal for movie

The stars of Metal Lords had to learn to play their instruments with a metal edge.

Metal Lords actors Jaeden Martell (IT, Knives Out), Adrian Greensmith, and Isis Hainsworth take on the roles of three out-of-sorts teens trying to make a name for themselves at the Battle of the Bands competition.

Under the tutelage of the film’s executive music producer, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, the group of actors had to learn how to play their instruments with a metal edge.

Martell, who plays Kevin in the film, admits that metal isn't always at the top of his playlist.

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"I'm into like more mellow, jazzy, like 90s hip hop, A Tribe Called Quest," said Martell. "I'm more of a calm person, but sometimes you need a little energy, right?"

Bringing that energy in the film – Adrian Greensmith, who plays metal-head Hunter.

"I had been playing guitar for a while and I've been playing mostly kind of jazz classical type stuff, which actually lends itself to metal," said Greensmith. "So I got lucky. So I obviously had to work on it."

The last member of the rock trio is Emily the cellist played by Isis Hainsworth.

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"I never played cello," said Hainsworth. "Ever, ever, ever. So I had to learn for this movie, which was really exciting. It was really tricky, but it was really fun. I really enjoyed it."

Metal Lords (Rated R) premieres Friday on Netflix.