Stardust app is the Instagram of movies, TV shows

If you're a fan of movies and TV - well, there's an app for that: STARDUST.

It allows you to review movies with friends in 30 second snippets, and keep track of the shows and films you want to watch. I chatted with the creator and CEO Derek Forbes to see how it's grown since its inception, last year.

“You can do a lot more with it now. You can view articles, trailers, content, and featurette videos about whatever your favorite shows are. Let’s say you’re into ‘Silicon Valley,’ ‘Watchmen,’ or ‘Captain Marvel,’ you can follow those titles. And when there’s discussion of that – there’s behind the scenes footage… it’ll show up in your home feed. So there’s this one place where you can see all of the content that you’re into.”

The free app is available for download on all mobile app platforms.