Star Wars themed bar in New York City

Die-hard Star Wars fans, there’s a new bar in SOHO designed for your obsession.  It’s called Darkside Bar, on Lafayette Street between Kenmare and Broome Streets.

“This is supposed to be the bar in the basement of the Death Star,” said Zach Neil, the creator of Darkside Bar.

Inside, a galactic experience with Death Star lamps and Star Wars themed drinks. 

“All drinks have dry ice in them to make them cool and foggy. LED ice cubes make it glow like light sabers,” said bartender Gia Farell.

Each night has some type of event. For the next few nights, you can expect an intergalactic Burlesque show.

“We’re doing interactive role play on Sundays where you’re kind of part of the game,” said Neil.

The people who came out range from those wanting to checkout a poo-up bar to serious Star Wars fans.

“I know it’s ridiculous but it’s fun,” says one man dresses as a Sith. 

“I’m not the geekiest of the geek squad but I’m in there,” said one woman. 

“The first movie was Bambi, the second was Star Wars and I loved it ever since,” said one man wearing a Star Wars t-shirt.

“I think it’s cool there is a massive line and the drinks are good and atmosphere is nice,” said a newly converted Star Wars fan. 

One patron explains what caught her eye, “I think def what’s on the walls. You feel you’re in some imperial warship or something, which is pretty cool,”

“I thought it would be perfect to take the hubby. He’s all geeky too,”

The Darkside Bar will be in town until January 14. $33 per person with a reservation, $40 for walk-ins.   And remember, no Jedis allowed.  the bar is open until January 14, 2018.