'Star Wars'-inspired fashions

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This is where fashion and science fiction collide, inspired by characters from the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The elaborate looks will be auctioned off for charity and range from direct interpretations to more abstract pieces.

Taking cues from the Dark Side, Halston crafted this sultry sheer gown in honor of new star wars villain Kylo Ren.

For designer Todd Snyder, a Chewbacca coat was an easy choice.

But this glittering, handmade jumpsuit by Parker stole the show, fashioned after the new character Captain Phasma, played by statuesque Game of Thrones heroine Gwendoline Christie. 

While Ashley Eckstein didn't design one of these pieces, she is the maker of an affordable line of merchandise for women. Her universe has exploded in popularity, becoming much more than just an e-commerce engine to female fangirls everywhere.

The pieces are now on display at Bloomingdale's on Lexington and 59th Street.