'Squishmallows': The stress-relieving plush toys for kids and adults alike

Squishmallows, the popular plush toys, have captured the hearts of children and adults nationwide.

What are Squishmallows?

The soft, colorful toys come in various sizes, with prices ranging from $5 to $50.

Made by toy company Jazwares, they gained popularity during the pandemic as people sought comfort items to cope with stress. 

Marketing expert and founder of Weightless, Jon Bond, believes the toys' success is not a coincidence.

‘Stress relief device’

"It's not a coincidence that [Squishmallows] came out during the pandemic because I think of it as a stress-relief device and I think adults need stress relief probably more than kids even," Bond said.

Bond explains Squishmallows appeal to consumers on multiple levels, serving both a functional purpose and offering a collectible aspect. 

He also predicts the brand could expand to create other products with similar benefits, such as chairs, further solidifying its staying power in the market. 

Could Squishmallows become collectibles?

If Squishmallows continue to maintain their popularity, they could become collectibles that appreciate in value over time. 

The potential growth in value is a comforting thought for many toy enthusiasts. 

As people of all ages find solace in the plush toys during stressful times, Squishmallows may continue to attract new collectors and solidify their place in the market.