'Spider-Man' seen pressure washing roof of Florida home during rainstorm

It's not every day you see Spider-Man taking time away from his crime-fighting duties to pressure wash a home.

George Martinez posted a video to Instagram on Monday of the web-slinging hero washing a roof while a storm was on the way! 

"It's pouring with lightning and thunder in the background. I look out my window...and see this...," Martinez wrote in the caption.



In the video, two men are heard debating whether 'Spider-Man' was tethered or just relying on his Spidey sense to keep him safe.

Turns out, Spidey's alter ego was a worker with Sunset Paving & Pressure. 

"He's the father of a friend of mine who owns a cleaning company," Martinez tells Fox 35. "He got the suit for Father's Day and, well, the rest is history!"

Looks like nothing will stop Spider-Man from getting the job done.