Speed cameras near NYC schools face shutdown

Speed cameras intended to make New York City streets safer may soon disappear. The nonprofit Transportation Alternatives and Mayor Bill de Blasio are calling out state lawmakers for letting the city's school speed camera program expire.

Marco Conner, of Transportation Alternatives, said the cameras, which are near schools, have reduced speeding violations by more than 60 percent.

The school speed camera program started in 2013 as a five-year pilot. The city believes it has been majorly successful and should be renewed and expanded.

The state legislative session just ended. The Assembly voted to renew the program, but the Senate did not.

A statement from Sen. Martin Golden's office reads in part, "On numerous occasions, Senator Marty Golden has publicly pledged his support, is a co-sponsor of the speed camera bill, and would definitely vote for it in a special session."

But the Senate majority leader and Assembly speaker have said they don't anticipate a special session happening.

De Blasio said thousands of kids attending summer school need to be protected.

If lawmakers in Albany don't act by the end of July, the cameras will be turned off at schools across the city.