Son, 15, of Alton Sterling asks for unity

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Cameron Sterling, 15, addresses the media in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He said his father, Alton Sterling," was "a good man."

The 15-year-old son of a black man who was shot and killed by white Louisiana police officers says his father, Alton Sterling, was "a good man."

And he's calling for people to come together to deal with violence.

"No matter what the race is, people should come together as one united family," said Cameron Sterling. "There should be no more violence and crimes. Everyone needs to be in one accord, not a different note."

Speaking to reporters Wednesday in Baton Rouge, the teen said that people should protest, but that they should do so peacefully.

"Yes, you can protest. But I want everyone to protest the right way: with peace. Not guns, not alcohol, no violence. None whatsoever," said Sterlilng.

He also thanked the people who have supported him since his father's shooting death on July 5.

"I truly feel that my father was a good man and he will always be a good man. There are a lot of loved ones out here to support me, my mother, my brothers and sisters and my father. I want to thank you very much," said Sterling.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, demonstrators blocked rush-hour traffic on an interstate in downtown Minneapolis.

More than a dozen protesters blocked five lanes of the highway.

They were protesting police brutality, including the fatal shooting of Philando Castile by a suburban St. Paul officer during a traffic stop last week.

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