Some iPhone X handsets 'freeze' in the cold

Those with the iPhone X almost expect the brand-new iPhone with facial recognition will have some type of glitch. Apple has been made aware a few people are experiencing the latest one on the latest phone.

"A small number of users have reported that the iPhone X freezes up when they take it from a warm environment to a cold one," says Mike Prospero of Tom's Guide, a company that reviews all the latest technology. It gives the iPhone X a great review for its camera and technology despite the glitch, which isn't happening to everyone.

Even though an update is on the way, if you're one of the unlucky people with an iPhone X and it freezes up when you're in the cold, some people say just lock your phone by pressing the button on the side and unlock the phone. That should fix the situation.

Prospero suggests you keep the phone close to your body so your body heat will keep the phone warm.

Apple hasn't said when the update will be available—only that it is working on fixing the bug.