Soldier's truck stolen, then burned

He was only home a few days after a serving overseas, when his brand new truck was stolen and torched.

After a tour of duty in the Middle East for a year, Private First Class Wesley Trent got his dream truck, only to have it stolen from his mom's front yard in Daytona Park Estates near DeLand.  A few days later, it was a charred, ugly mess.

"I bought it before I got back, so I had something when I got home," he said. "I put a lot of money into that truck. It was my baby!"

He said he spent $15,000 on his dream truck.  On Sunday morning, when he realized someone stole the truck, he put out a plea for help on Facebook. An anonymous tip came in to deputies and his truck was found on a dirt road, just a mile from his home.

The man in Sarasota who sold Trent the truck feels so bad about what happened,  he is trying to help him get enough money to buy a new one, through a Go Fund Me page.

So far they have collected hundreds of dollars.  Trent, a soft spoken guy, said he's touched by the offers to help.

"Hopefully, it can help me get a new truck," he said.

He has just days left on his break before he has to report back to Fort Bliss in Texas.  For now, it looks like he will have to rent a car to get there.